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Braids By SaBrina Braids By SaBrina
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My name is SaBrina and I am the owner of Braids By SaBrina, a full service Braiding and Weaving salon in West Los Angeles. I specialize in Dreadlock Extensions and am also known as the

Braids By SaBrina Braids By SaBrina

I think Dreadlock Extensions are a great alternative for people who don't have the time or the texture of hair to grow natural consistent dreads. Dreadlock Extensions give people the option of having thicker consistent dreads because their own hair may be too thin to create that.

Many people just don't like the in-between stage of the natural dreadlock process, so this allows them to skip it and walk out with a beautiful head of natural looking dreadlocks in one day.

Even if you have naturally grown dreads with Dreadlock Extensions I am able to repair damaged broken locks that may have popped off or thinned out due to weight or thinning hair.

Dreadlock Extensions & Repairs are done with afro kinky human hair (not synthetic fibers), so they can remain in your hair permenantly. When blended with natually grown dreads, they are undetectable. NO ONE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE!

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Dreadlock Extensions Dreadlock Extensions Dreadlock Extensions
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Dreadlock Extensions Dreadlock Extensions Dreadlock Extensions
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  • You know the dreads that grown long and heavy and break off at the root?
    I can reconstruct that dread!
  • Are your dreads SHORT but you really want LONG dreads?
    I can lengthen them!
  • Do you have dread extensions that were not attached correctly?
    I can fix them!
  • Are your dreads fat and bulky and you want thinner, neater dreads?
    I can split them and make them fuller and neater!
  • Do you have sister locks or really skinny natural dreads that you want combined and made bigger?
    I'm the one for the JOB!

The DreadLock Extensions begin at $360 and go up. However, I'm the best--it's worth the price and even the plane ticket! Many of my customers fly to California just to get Dreadlock Extensions.


You can not walk-in for this style; you must have an appointment with me SaBrina (The Dreadlock Extension Queen).